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Alex Ball: Experienced Chair and CFO joins Faraday as Professional Advisory Board Chair


1 JULY 2024

Auckland, New Zealand - Faraday specialists in establishing and managing Professional Advisory Boards for small and mid-market companies, today announced that experienced Chair Alex Ball  Alex Ball has joined the firm as a professional advisory board chair for small and mid-market businesses.


Alex is an experienced advisory board chair, non-executive director, CFO and business consultant. He has worked for or advised companies in the power infrastructure, electricity, technology, telecommunications, financial services, oil and gas, manufacturing, property, professional services, arts and entertainment and arboriculture sectors.


Alex has held CFO roles at Vector, TelstraClear, Transpower and EROAD and for most of his career, acted as a change agent leading transformative projects and initiatives, including driving cultural change, where challenging the status quo and thinking differently has been a prerequisite for success.


He is a Chartered Accountant, a Member of the NZ Institute of Directors, and an Associate Fellow of New Zealand Institute of Management.   He also has a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from Imperial College, London.


Alex is passionate about helping companies grow and become more profitable as well as enhancing management teams’ capability to deliver. 

Faraday Co-Founder Henry Lynch said `Alex would be able to provide strong skills and experience in high demand from Faraday clients in the current economic environment.


His experience is across a range of sectors and has a strong passion for working with growth orientated businesses and people.


Alex is a valuable addition to the firm’s team of professional advisory board chairs as Faraday expands throughout New Zealand and Australia”

Faraday reported that the recent economy has accelerated trends that were already confronting industries and traditional business models. Companies who were future-ready and had access to high levels of problem-solving capability from their executive and advisors have reaped the benefits. Others however, had become victims of the speed of change. Faraday are seeing demand for seasoned advisory board chairs in both cohorts.


About Faraday

Faraday specialise in establishing and managing professional advisory boards small and mid-market companies in Australia and New Zealand.


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