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Introduction to Advisory
for Business Owners

Research shows small and medium enterprises with advisory boards perform better in terms of sales, productivity and profitability.


Learn everything you need to know as a director, business owner or manager about professional advisory boards - an untapped resource for your business.

Advisory Board

Starter Program

Facilitated by our certified Advisory Board Chairs, the Advisory Board Starter Program gets your company "advisory board ready" in 90 days, so you can leverage world-class business advisors to help you start smarter, grow faster, change better or exit successfully from your business.

Introduction to Advisory
Boards for Business Advisors

SMEs with advisory boards outperform those without, reporting an average 67% sales growth and 5.9% productivity improvement in the 3 years after establishing their advisory board.

Learn everything you need to know to help your clients realise the benefits of a high performance advisory board.


State of the Market 2019

by the Advisory Board Centre

The Advisory Board Centre 2019 State of the Market Report is an evaluation of current Advisory Board practices, trends, and implications. The report explores the changing landscape in Advisory Boards, shares the latest sector research, and maps trends that are

driving the evolution of advisor engagement.

An Untapped Resource for
Your Business by BDC

BDC undertook the first-ever Canadian study on the use of advisory boards by small
and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The study describes how advisory boards work in these businesses and quantitatively demonstrates that SMEs that use them have superior growth
and better financial results.