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Mission Focused

Facilitated by one of our experienced chairs, our comprehensive advisory board establishment and management process clarifies your business goals, identifies capability requirements and engages impact advisors to help you achieve specific enablers to your mission. Our experienced team remove perceived work, time and effort obstacles preventing SMEs from taking advantage of this untapped resource. The methodology we use attracts world-class advisors to work with your company, while directors and management retain decision making authority and execution autonomy. Our process has an in-built advisor refresh cycle that ensures each milestone in your plan is informed by specialists in achieving your next stage of  business growth, change or exit.


Hand-Picked Advisors

Our establishment process helps directors, business owners and managers clarify their strategic, operational and financial objectives. This process also identifies capability gaps that can be bridged by a professional advisor working through a purpose-built advisory board. Our seasoned chairs navigate the company through the search, selection and induction of advisors, hand-picked for their knowledge, skills, experience and track record of having a significant impact on SME business performance. When the targeted outcome is achieved, our chairs manage the advisor disengagement process and work with the company to refresh the advisory board to achieve the next business objective.


Advisory Board Ready

The most significant contributor to advisory board success is the readiness of the company.  Our comprehensive Advisory Board Starter Program gets will get your directors, owners and managers advisory board ready in 90 days. Facilitated by one of our experienced chairs, the program ensures your governance, plan, priorities, objectives and stakeholders can take full advantage of the advisory board resource. During this 90 days, our chair works closely with the company to remediate any issues likely to constrain, or distract the company or its advisors from their mission focus on improving service, sales, productivity or profitability.


Practical & Productive

Our proven process in establishing and operating advisory boards for SME customers, distinguishes Faraday and the companies we work with. To help courageous people build outstanding companies, we recognise SMEs need grounded advisors who provide practical solutions, through highly productive interactions with key company decision makers. Our Chairs and Advisors are not consultants or professional service providers. They are entrepreneurs, specialists and former executives who have been there and done it before.  And because they are not conflicted by a shareholding, by potential consulting revenue, promotion or personal gain, you get independent, practical advice from highly productive advisors.


Measure What Matters Most

Traditionally advisory boards have been informal, unstructured and their impact unmeasured. At Faraday we measure what matters most for your business whether it be customer satisfaction, sales growth, productivity improvement, profitability, business confidence or completion of a transaction.  Each month your advisory board chair will meet with you to understand progress, anticipate obstacles, suggest tactics and prepare for the next scheduled full advisory board meeting. At pre-determined intervals we help you assess your progress against industry benchmarks, peer performance, company targets and strategic milestones to identify risks, opportunities and the impact.