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What We Do

We Help Courageous People Build Outstanding Companies

Faraday & Company establish and manage professional advisory boards that dramatically improve business performance.
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Advisory Board Chair

High Trust, Deeply Honest Relationships

Our chairs build high trust, deeply honest relationships with business owners and CEOs. They have a track record of helping improve cross functional integration, relative competitive position and understanding how industry structures are changing. The demands and expectations are different to chairing governance boards.

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Henry Lynch, Chair

Problem-solving capability

Elevated & Integrated Problem Solving

The success of our advisory boards is due to our one-up capability principle. We encourage our clients to engage advisors proven at one capability level higher than the company, so the combined problem-solving and execution capability is elevated but integrated. 

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  • The Board You Always Wanted
    RSVP Closed
    Wed, 29 Mar
    The Northern Club
    After helping over 450 companies over 5 years Faraday has mastered the process of establishing and managing advisory boards that dramatically improve small and mid-market business performance, and now companies are adopting our process to build the governance board they always wanted.
  • Professional Advisory Board Chair Master Class
    RSVP Closed
    Tue, 21 Mar
    The Faraday Professional Advisory Board Chair Master Class is designed to arm capable chairs with the knowledge, skills, experience to establish and manage professional advisory boards.
  • True selling that results in a fully satisfied customer
    RSVP Closed
    Thu, 10 Nov
    Learn how to sell 10x the volume of order-takers using a true selling process that results in
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