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We found there were too many small and mid-market businesses taking advice from people who haven't been there and done it themselves. So we mastered the process of establishing and managing professional advisory boards that help directors, owners and managers understand and solve their strategy, organisation and ownership problems.

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Founder & Director

Craig Richardson

Craig is an internationally experienced advisory board chair, non-executive director, former CFO and CEO. He has led and advised start-ups, mid-market and multi-national companies in services,technology, manufacturing, consumer goods, resources and defence.  Craig is a co-founder of leading Australasian advisory firm In Common who specialise in health and related consumer companies.

New Zealand +64 2199 1873

Australia +61 460 703 653

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Founder & Director

Henry Lynch

Henry is an experienced advisory board chair, non-executive director and former CEO who has led and advised a range of companies in financial services, health and safety, construction, artificial intelligence, horticulture, services, dairy, and technology sectors.  He is a Chartered Member of IoD and a Fellow of Governance New Zealand. His experience provides valuable perspectives to organisations who are looking to achieve the next level of growth, expansion and transformational change based on the strategic intent of 'thinking like a customer; not about them'.

New Zealand +64 274 974 993

Australia +64 274 974 993

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Craig Richardson, Director


New Zealand: +64 2199 1873

Australia: +61 460 703 653

Henry Lynch, Director


New Zealand: +64 274 974 993



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