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Introduction to Professional Advisory Boards

Everything you need to know about how professional advisory boards work to deliver dramatic improvements in small and mid-market business performance.

The situation

We live in a world were volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity are now a permanent business condition, forcing business leaders to ask how much they really know about a situation, and how well they can predict the results of their actions.

In the search for answers, today's directors, business owners and managers frequently find themselves confronted by problems outside their day-to-day areas of expertise. This is the new reality.

The opportunity

Small and medium enterprises (SME) with Professional Advisory Boards perform better in terms of sales, productivity and profitability. Independent research into SME advisory boards by BDC found:

  • SME revenue grew 67% in the three years after establishing an advisory board, compared with 23% growth in the three years prior

  • SME productivity increased 5.9% in the three years after engaging an advisory board, compared with 3.2% in the three years before

  • Over a 10 year period, companies with advisory boards reported sales 24% higher than companies without 86% of SME business leaders said their advisory board had a significant impact on the success of their business

When best practice is followed in establishing and managing a professional advisory board, the business develop new ideas, makes better decisions and avoid costly mistakes. Its this combination of informed moves that significantly increases the probability of success.

Introduction to Professional Advisory Boards

Faraday & Company have mastered the process of establishing and managing advisory boards that dramatically improve small and mid-market business performance.

What is it?

A practical workshop to give you the knowledge you need to start a high-performance advisory board capable of solving your strategy, organisation and ownership problems.

How does it work?

A two-hour public, private or on-line workshop which provides participants with

  • An understanding of the difference between governance and advisory boards

  • Best practice in establishing and operating an advisory board

  • A proven framework for engaging advisers who can understand and solve inter-related strategy, organisation and ownership problems

  • The tools to measure Advisory Board performance

Why now?

Research shows small and medium enterprises with advisory boards consistently outperform those without. Professional advisory boards are an untapped resource for businesses in start-up, embarking on growth, navigating change or planning for exit or inter-generational succession.

Who should attend?

Directors, business owners and managers of small and mid-market businesses with revenue up to $100m revenue.

Course Details

Course Fee: $75 + GST

More information:

For more information contact

Craig Richardson, Director

Phone +64 2199 1873

Henry Lynch, Director

Phone +64 274 974 993

About Faraday & Company

Faraday & Company specialise in establishing and managing professional advisory boards small and mid-market companies in Australia and New Zealand. Visit


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