A ready-to-go, structured process for assessing and confidently managing your strategy, structure, finances and organisation in the post-COVID economy. Your business continuity and financial management plan.

Regional Business Partner (RBP) Funding Support

This program is registered with RBP as a COVID-19 service and eligible for RBP funding assistance of $2,000

You are eligible for RBP funding support if you have:

For more information on how to access RBP funding support for this service:

  • Email and we will assist you

  • Call Craig 021991873, Henry 0274 974 993 or Joyce 021 292 6586 for more information

COVID.19 Workout - Your Post-Lockdown Business Continuity and Financial Management Plan

Faraday & Company specialise in solving strategy, organisation and ownership problems for small and mid-market companies. Our team are plugged into the latest COVID-19 driven consumer and economic trends as they are evolve locally and internationally.

During periods of volatility and uncertainty, the combination of strategic moves and confidence with which they are executed determines their probability of success.

Our COVID.19 Workout Business Continuity and Financial Management service is a ready-to-go, structured process for assessing, understanding and confidently managing your strategy, structure, finances and organisation out of lock-down and into a post-COVID economy.

What our service offers:

Our service is facilitated by an experienced Faraday advisor and includes:

  • A structured method of assessing your strategic options against the current and post-COVID economy

  • Financial scenario models to manage cash flow through the lock-down and post-COVID economy

  • Access to our strategy, organisation and ownership planning models

  • A methodical approach to determine the knowledge, skills and experience required to execute your plan

  • 24/7 access to our business experts for counsel and guidance on decisions

Business owners and managers who undertake will be able to:

  • Rapidly understand their business options and potential financial outcomes

  • Decide which strategy to select for business continuity, recovery and return to post-COVID growth

  • Execute their plan with a high level of confidence it will succeed

  • Receive ongoing support from our experienced team of former CEO, CFOs and business founders

Service delivery details:

While New Zealand remains at Alert Level 4 we are delivering our advisory services through your choice of video conferencing (Zoom, Skype or Hangout) or by phone, and providing full access to our online strategy, organisation and ownership resources.

Service Cost:

Our service costs $200 per hour plus GST

Most businesses work through the key elements of our COVID-19 Business Continuity & Financial Management program in 10-20 hours and we do not charge for the first hour of consultation.

This program is registered with RBP as a COVID-19 service and eligible for RBP funding assistance of $2,000

For more information contact

Craig Richardson, Director


Phone +64 2199 1873

Henry Lynch, Director


Phone +64 274 974 993

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