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Geoff Barrell: Financial services leader and entrepreneur joins Faraday & Company


17 NOVEMBER 2020

Auckland, New Zealand - Faraday & Company, specialists in establishing and managing Professional Advisory Boards for small and mid-market companies, today announced that financial services leader and entrepreneur Geoff Barrell has joined the firm as a professional advisory board chair.

After 10 years in banking, Geoff expanded his financial services career into senior management, business ownership and as a non-executive director.

He has worked with SME’s and corporates in the area of superannuation and employee benefits, is a Authorised Financial Adviser and has served as a Board member and President of an industry body during the transition into the current FMA regulated environment. Geoff is adept at operating at all levels across the business delivering growth and influencing positive change.

About Faraday & Company

Faraday & Company specialise in establishing and managing professional advisory boards small and mid-market companies in Australia and New Zealand.


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